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They say that opposites attract… The trouble is, between attraction and understanding there can be a very great distance. Too great for any one individual, no matter how strong and powerful, to cross on her or his own. It is a distance which must be crossed by both, together. How long this takes is not important. What matters is that the journey commence in the first place, that the parties involved move steadily toward one another until, at long last, each is safe in the other’s outstretched arms.

by Cameron Dokey in ‘Sunlight and Shadow’

I think this is a fairly good description of what love is. It is not about feeling or attraction. Love is a verb. It’s action. Loving is about putting effort, making sacrifices, understanding, and continuously caring. 


Invisible Dreams of Migrants in Qatar

This video was filmed and edited by me and other university students in GU. It’s a short documentary on the condition of migrants in Qatar, but more than an awareness video, it focuses more on showing humanity and life according to their eyes. It’s not on the level of professionals, but I hope you enjoy still enjoy it.

Dearly Departed

Life is a cycle. No matter how you want it to be the same, it will still change. When you lose someone, it’s hard to understand or accept at first. I guess humans just have a natural tendency to reject things that cause them pain, hoping that it will go away and things will be back how it was. Except, it’s not going back. When things change, the old is gone. That’s why it hurts so much.
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The ones left by the departed should always remember that it’s OK to mourn, but not OK to keep living in the past just to feel as if they’re still there. After all, it is not as if they’ve ceased existing altogether. When someone dies, what we lose is the physical contact, verbal communication, and future interactions with them. But everything else stays the same. Our memories with them, the lessons they taught us, and our feelings for them won’t change. And even if our views and feelings change, they still are an agent to those alterations because they are forever weaved into who we are. They are not here anymore, but they’ve left marks. WE are their imprint. As long as I live, my earliest childhood memories will always be associated with my grandparents and their teachings. They taught me so many things about this world, love, and life. How can they be really gone if I’m still here and they’re teachings with me? That’s why we must live to be happy. Live to show them our appreciation for how they influenced our lives. Live for their them. When the undeniable reality of human mortality sets in, you have no choice but to adapt. Moving on is hard, but its a necessity in life.

Opening Blog

ws_espresso_1366x768 COFFEE THOUGHTS:

So I was sitting in a cafe shop doing absolutely nothing, then my thoughts just went to these quotes I read a while back…

 “For the Present is the point at which time touches eternity.” 
 ― C.S. Lewis, The Screwtape Letters
 “In the external scheme of things, shining moments are as brief as the twinkling of an eye, 
yet such twinklings are what eternity is made of — 
moments when we human beings can say “I love you,” “I’m proud of you,” “I forgive you,” “I’m grateful for you.” 
That’s what eternity is made of: invisible imperishable good stuff.” 
― Fred Rogers, The World According to Mister Rogers: Important Things To Remember
I don’t know what exactly they put in these caffeine filled cups that makes people become temporarily contemplative about life and stuff, but I am in that state right now. And because I’m beginning this wordpress site in such a state, I figured those two thought-provoking quotes could be the perfect opening to all the posts that would follow. In a way, they are what this is all about.
They say people change all the time. I agree, they certainly do. Age, physical appearance, as well as ideas and goals.
But for me, I found out that there are certain questions about life and society that I just can’t seem to stop thinking about no matter how much time passes, where I am, or what I’m doing.  Without fail, my thoughts always come back to questions of virtue and morality in the society, and then existence and identity in the individual sense. Or vice versa.
So, to anyone wondering, there is no thesis statement to this blog site. I haven’t found one. All I have are questions and thoughts, maybe half-answers, but never a definite answer. I doubt anyone out there is interested in reading all these stuff, but I have to write this down because it’s a public site after all… all of the posts are my own opinion, not associated with any organization or group or whatever. I hope I don’t offend anyone, but if I do, I really didn’t mean it. Sorry.