“I’m always game for a friendly conversation over a cup of coffee; but as a food & travel enthusiast, I can be an even better adventure partner.”


This blog is a product of the author’s boredom and pervasive thoughts. I can’t get it out of my mind, so I just wrote them down.

Currently, I’m spending my days studying International Affairs and Foreign Service, wondering how to use the knowledge for my country or maybe the world’s benefit, while still save enough dough for myself… because hey, everybody wants to live comfortably or adventurously. Either way, we need money as a means.

When I’m bored I either read or write… or look for a friend to argue with. Really argue. If they don’t, I’ll say things which I know will get them fired up. It’s just a better exchange of ideas that way. But I always concede or agree to a compromise.



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