Why do Veterans Miss War?

a TED Talk by journalist Sebastian Junger.

Is the fear of alienation in some cases worse than fear of death?
So we know that humans are social animals, and it is very important for us to form bonds. Yet why do we keep creating a society where we grow more and more alienated and distrustful to our neighbors?

When put in extreme scenarios, people can demonstrate the abysmal pits of human nature, but also a great degree of humanity that is able to sacrifice their lives for the sake of someone else. The contrast is astounding, yet can always be observed. Many people in society think it is in their self-interest to take more resources than everyone around them, that it would benefit them if their neighbors fall and they rise. As journalist Sebastian Junger observed, that is so not true. In the end, we all just need someone that we can count on no matter what. I guess


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