Vision for 6-Step Community-Based Change in the Philippines

1 – Realization and Acceptance of the Situation: The Philippines is not a rich country and the government lacks funds to raise all Filipinos out of poverty. The first step to development is to acknowledge that the Philippine government, just like any other government, cannot and will not deliver everything that is demanded of it by the people because people have unlimited wants, and we have scarce resources.


2 – Stop the blame game. Nobody wants to be told that they need to be responsible for their choices and decisions. Most people would rather be spoiled and deceived by demagogues who tell them they deserve to be served and must be given all their needs. When the government cannot follow through, this causes disappointment and mistrust in among the population. But if the answer to a bad politician is to replace him/her with another that can promise better, the results will be an even deeper resentment.


3 – Institutional change must and can only begin among the people, with the lowest members participating by building a concrete community of peaceful relationships with their neighbors. This is the most important and key part of the 6-step development plan. People must learn to build a real society vested on trust and forgiveness.


4 – Emphasis on equity, not rapid development. Monetary wealth is not everything to development. Invest on people. Shortcuts do not work as demonstrated by many presidents in Philippine history whose only goal is to achieve a good GDP growth rate during their term so they have something to show. Sometimes, the hard and slow way is the only way.


5 – Gradual replacement of ALL current ruling elites, not by riots or even peaceful protests, but by due process of law and/or elections. This step requires a public that does not vote based on popularity and traditional ties. The government needs new faces who can overturn past mistakes and bring new life into it. New politicians may be engulfed in the corruption cycle by the old politicians, but if the base of the public is strong, eventually by replacing the cancers they can clean the government. By peaceful and constitutional means, people can also start a tradition of following the rule of law which future generations will adopt and become informal norms.


6 – Change the constitution into a more locally fitting one. Democracy does not have to be the way the US does it. Different nations have different people, collective experiences, and culture. These are their real treasure, so a government customized to fit and reflect their people, not of another race’s, should be a priority for every nation.


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