On Change and Parallel Lines

Sometimes you’ll meet people with whom you’d spend almost every waking hour with. You’ll feel so connected with them that it’s going to be immensely difficult to imagine a life without them. They become a habit… becoming a point where everything else in your life seemed to be revolving around. You are a compass always pointing at their direction. They define what’s normal in your life. 

You see something interesting and you immediately turn to your side to tell them about it, expecting them to always be there. 
You have a story in your mind and they are the first person you want to tell it to. 
You just parted to go home and you can’t wait until morning to see them again. 

At that point, you don’t realize that even such wonderful things can be temporary. Yet this life offers a multitude of unpredictable experiences and paths, that even if you try your hardest to hold on, life still goes on. It won’t stop. The trajectory of your life is your own. It doesn’t depend on others. 
So you realize that happiness doesn’t last forever. Things change. People change. Goals in life change. Nothing stays the same. Same thing must happen with the perfect haven you have formed. No matter how much you struggle against it… change eventually does happen.

And one day, your time together will be over. You will begin to place more importance on different things, focus on different aspects of your life, and make different choices. Little by little, you won’t notice it coming, but you’re drifting apart. Then one day, you’ll realize that you have nothing to talk about because you have nothing in common. Your conversations become intentional, and you become careful in your choice of words. It’s not spontaneous anymore. You will remember the time when ‘fun’ was about spilling your mind to this person, just saying everything and anything. Now, you have to look for something to talk about. There will be an awkward silence, followed by nervous eye-shifting finger-twiddling gestures which indicate your attempt to excuse yourself from this torture. 
That’s when it’ll hit you. Your time has passed. It’s time to move on. 
It’ll be hard because the time you spent with them made you feel complete, like you don’t need anything else and you knew the true meaning of happiness. You want it to be the same. But this person standing next to you has changed, and so have you. If your lives were a line, you’d figure out that yours and theirs are going the opposite direction, and the time when you felt one with them represents a tiny dot marking the X intersect. If you can have just one wish, you’d ask the genie or whoever the gift-giver was to return you to that time and place you remember so vividly in your memory… the time that seemed to have merged the past, present, and future in one special moment… where the surroundings blurred and the world can fall into darkness, but that’s perfectly fine because the only thing that mattered anyway was already within your special sphere… you wish to return to that time just to feel it one more time. But you also know that there is no going back. You have to accept change and look forward to the positive things that come with it. You have to welcome change because there exists out there, someone whose line runs parallel to yours, and will never part. 

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