Inviting Destruction

I cant take this anymore. 

Discrimination. Racism. Sexism. Apartheid. War. Genocide. The list goes on.
The world is clearly on the path to ruin. People of the world love destruction.
Why would people want destruction?
In a time where progress and technology are making leaps… everything is easier than ever before, access to information, to medicine, communication… but it’s also becoming harder to find any meaning in living… so I guess conflict is IN because it’s exciting. It’s news. It’s entertainment!
No. Wait. I take that back. We’ve been down this road forever. Brutality and violence isn’t something new, it’s a repetition of history. It’s humanity’s ‘thing’.
Mankind is racing fast towards their own demise, and nothing we can do will completely stop it. 
We can only hope to slow it down by taking preventive measures and improving futilely the laws of the world…. and we must do it in a world where anarchy presides as the only governing system. 
So why do anything at all? Is there any sense in doing something at all?
No matter what we do, it’s leads to mistake after another mistake. We keep trying to stop history from repeating itself. But a repetition of the past is where we always end up. 
No matter where we look, it’s the same issues, the same problems, it’s all the same since the beginning of civilization. 
Perhaps the problem is with civilization itself. 
I’m tired of feeling helpless… unable to help the weak, the minorities, and the underdog of society.
But what’s the use? Even justice is futile. Right after gaining some influence, these very same underdogs will jump at the first chance to trample on others as well… because that is the only way to stay in power. Society NEEDS an enemy. The privileged needs a counterbalance, someone or something to exclude so that their own people can keep working together out of fear of the ‘other’. 
Achieving equality have never been and will never be a conclusion, just another transition to the next version of the same persistent inequality. People who experienced suffering and are helped, cause pain to others. Then when the new disenfranchised group rises, they too exclude another group. History is just a cycle. Free will? Liberty? Rights? There are no such things. We are all victims. And at the first opportunity we get, we become the perpetrators. We become the tools of history so it can demonstrate the inevitability of events. So it can show us how perfectly incapable and naive we are at governing ourselves and doing the right thing. History and even contemporary events teaches us this painful lesson… again. and again. and again.
What can we do to break the cycle? How do we paint the future? 
Maybe this is why people don’t care for each other. Maybe they know inside that it’s all a farce… that pursuing individual benefit will always outweigh any rewards borne from efforts to achieve a just society. Maybe that’s why it’s in our nature to “just live in the present”, never learning from history, and never preparing for the future of the generations after us. That’s why it’s hurling itself towards ruination.  
So why should I fight for the preservation of a specie that does not even want to survive? Why should anyone defend it?
I’m sick of this. Maybe it’s time to give humanity what it really wants. What it needs… In order to change. 
I think only a drastic and completely overturning event will convince people to open their minds and eyes to the truth. Otherwise, when will people see the intrinsic value in justice? When will we live together equally, really and completely together without prejudice and hate towards people who are different? When will we learn to love one another? 
Maybe a global cataclysmic humanitarian catastrophe is really warranted. Perhaps it’s even long overdue. 
My life’s wish is to see it all happen… to experience the earth-shattering and astronomical events… feel the fear of society in my veins… then through all that still see hope emerging in people’s eyes… and be present as mankind rebuilds everything from scratch. 

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