The Confusing Nature of Human Beings

Watching videos online is probably one of mankind’s most used method of entertainment (and procrastination) these days. By simple observation, it’s easy to determine what people like and don’ like, depending on the number of views. It surprises me that the most watched are either the most horrible videos… as well as the kindest and most heartwarming. Polarized much?
So, it tells me that people are desperate for humanity. They want to see acts of kindness and generosity.
But there’s also a lot of people who like bad things and participate in the propagation of malice and immorality.
Is the population of the world polarized between good people and bad ones?
No. Definitely not.
People who watch offensive videos and make hateful comments are the more often same ones whose hearts are melt by genuinely humanitarian videos, the same ones who appreciate and congratulate the doers of a kind selfless act.
Maybe the fact that ‘bad’ and ‘good’ videos are the ones most watched in the net proves the duality and complexity of man.
People don’t like ‘moderate’, unfeeling videos. they want the extremes, based on what their situations and moods are at the moment.
Does this mean man is intrinsically good, and is just spiraled into the bad because of the world’s influence?
Or is it that man is inherently bad, and it’s just his/her choices that sometimes makes the good triumph despite the darkness inside?
Is it the world’s fault or must man constantly fight against their urges?
I don’t know.
All I know is that mankind themselves fill the world too much inhumanity as if they are hell bent on destroying everything in its path, but they all want hold to on the the little bit of kindness left. They keep looking for that elusive hope to bask in the lightness surrounded by darkness.
Now, is this dichotomy what it means to be human? Perhaps. I don’t know.

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