Of Unwanted Ends and Beginnings

The concept of reincarnation is an interesting topic, albeit elusive and mysterious. It says that when a person dies, instead of going to heaven or some sort of afterlife, the soul merges to another being in order to be born again in the mortal realm. The new life may be in another era, the person may be human or not, female or male, rich or poor… it all depends on the person’s past moral inclination.
The origin of the concept is popularly Hindu, stemming from the 1200BC Indus valley societies. However, it has manifested in many other religions and peoples. Traces of it can be seen in ancient Greek, the Celts, Buddhism, Norse, and others.

I have a lot of questions about it, but those aren’t important. What piques my interest is that, according to it, the present being will not have the ability to recollect its past memories.
Doesn’t matter if the person dies in a great old age with bitter regrets, or an unfulfilled life, or in an accident…
Doesn’t matter if the person wishes to stay with the same group of people as in the past, or find a special person.
None of that matters, because the next life will have nothing.
Why must it be that way?

For a gamer like me it’s like finishing a game and starting over without save points. Only WORSE.
If the character dies unexpectedly… game over. But I can reload on an earlier period.
If I finish the game satisfactorily, I can redo it and NOT make the same mistakes. I know where all the secret doors are, and how to defeat the bosses.
But what if I play a game and I either finish or get a game over… but not have the ability to know if I finished good or not?
What if my memories of the game are erased unceremoniously and I end up not knowing I’ve tried it before and I know the outcome?
Just thinking about it is frustrating! I finally have some guide or at least an idea of how to play the game so as not to enter trap holes, but suddenly the knowledge is taken away!

Now apply that to real life.
What if you promise somebody you’d do something. And while you intend to fully honor the promise, the person you promised it to suddenly dies before you can ever fulfill it? Then you spend the rest of your life wanting to change what happened.
Then you meet that person in the next life as a stranger. Instead of exchanging passing remarks in an elevator, wouldn’t you want to at least fulfill your promise this time for sure?
Or what if you live a completely happy and satsified life (I’m not saying that’s possible, just hypothetical). You are in your deathbed, and your only wish is to still be with the people who made your life so complete.
But in the next life you meet them again, and because you don’t remember them, you go with another group of people that would make your life eventually miserable.
Regardless of riches and material possessions, doesn’t being reborn without having the capacity or even the memory to fix your mistakes sound more like a curse rather than reward?

But what if the underlying message there is to move on.
Start a new life with a fresh beginning.
That instead of living in the past always looking back, it’s time to look towards the future and live in the present…
The past is finished… it’s gone! And the only things you have control of is now.
As if reaching the last pages of a favorite book, and dreading the conclusion because you know you have to close it and put it in a shelf. You can either re-read it, without the excitement, luster, and originality of reading for the first time; or you can say “Now, that was a good book!” and look for another epic favorite.

If we lose our memories and don’t remember how the story went… wouldn’t it be more exciting?
As in life, we’ll see new things… experience disappointment, sorrow, failure, as well as excitment, joy, adventure, success, and much more!
All in our brand new life. One that the NEW US will have the power to steer in whichever direction we want to go… without the entanglements of the past to derail us from really pushing forward.
It may be painful to accept that the past is over with all those lingering feelings; to feel as if time has been cut short or that we still have unfinished business… that it doesn’t make sense why the end happened so abrubtly. It’s unfair to get pulled away from something that we want to keep.
But those are exactly the kind of things that prevent us from making a new beginning.
And WHY should we want a new beginning?
You’ll find out if you look around and see all these things of our era. Those things will vanish in time.
Time is temporary, it passes and we can’t help it. All those things we have now will not be there in a span of a few decades… how else will we learn to treasure them if all we look at are the things that are not here anymore?
If all we want to treasure are memories of the past?
Sure, those are important as well, but they aren’t the ONLY things important.
The importance of new beginnings is the realization that we are helpless against time. Therefore, in order to have NO regrets, we have to make sure that our decisions now would impact our future in a positive way.
And even if the future still doesn’t turn out well, then all I can say is that it is out of our control. But that doesn’t mean we can give up on the present because all that will accomplish is NOTHING.
The ONLY thing we can do is make decisions NOW for the uncertain future.
It’s a choice between doing SOMETHING or NOTHING at all.


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