Two Reasons why the Filipino Youth Cannot Be Trusted With The Future of the Philippines:

1. Juan Tamads — the Filipino national hero, Jose Rizal, once said: “the youth is the future of our country”.
Sounds noble, right? Sure it is.
But not when the adults cease to dream for themselves, cease to act now to ensure a better future… because they think they can always hand it over to the next generation.
Not when they raise their children believing it’s better to go for practicality because dreams are the stuff of fairy tales; thus solidifying the mindset of stagnancy and dependency.
Not when the youth is spending their everyday lazing about with their friends, having a “good time”, and whisking their life and dreams away.
Not when this cycle of always looking for tomorrow, disregarding what they can do in the present, is the most widely accepted norm.
A friend of mine once said that “the youth of the Philippines act the way they do because no one around them does otherwise”, they were brought up to think this is everything life holds for them.

2. Destructive Activists — Not everyone in the Philippines is a “Juan Tamad”.
There are those who care a great deal about the country and its problems.
They care so much that they are willing to lay down their lives for the cause.
They are smart so they understand very well the abuse they are being subject into by the government, thus they voice their objections.
They want to be heard.
They understand that the youth is lazy, thus they muster all the courage and means they have to raise awareness and convince others to join the fight.
They want action done NOW.
But what else do they do?
In their attempt to be heard, they run around screaming in schools and public places like a menace disturbing peace and other’s businesses.
People are convinced to see them more as annoyance rather than heroes.
In their attempt to see action now, they spend so much time in protesting and complaining that they forget their studies.
Many would end up failing or dropping school.
In their anger, they destroy public facilities and equipment like a frustrated toddler asking their parents for an impossible favor.
In their blind passion, they can sacrifice their lives and future; forgetting their parents in the provinces who worry over them and work to death just to give them a better future.
This isn’t the right way to fight.
Even someone who wants to go to the right place may end up in the wrong because they took wrong’s route.

Intentions do not determine destination. Actions do.

Instead of complaining relentlessly, why not offer solutions and advice in a legal and peaceful manner?
Instead of trying to recruit people by lecturing endlessly of political matters, why not lead by example so they can see the change in you?
Instead of destroying public spaces and items, why not clean and beautify them as an act of revolution?
Instead of throwing everything else for their cause, why not show gratitude to people who sacrificed so much for them by being successful?
Go to the top, participate in the right way, change the schemes from there.
The Philippines does not need more people ranting in the streets, that will amount to little change.
Our country needs more dedicated people who can rise up to take charge and demonstrate positive change through their lives.
So that the youth will have an example to follow… and the adults can finally leave the future in their hands.


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