Why being the ‘rightest’ doesn’t make sense

What is wrong? What is right?

Is truth really subjective?

Can individual righteousness be compromised in light of a much higher humanitarian goal?

I have seen the movies, read history books, attended lessons teaching good morals, and observed the world around me as it goes on in the endless activity of life. Not once did the world make sense. If we count on people’s actions and decisions for guidance, we are bound to be disappointed.

In our class I found that although some would agree to each other on something, they all disagree at some point. In a single class of 17 students, there are exactly 17 different beliefs; each of them considering theirs as the truth. I believe mine is the ‘rightest’; but how am I going to convince them when they all think theirs is the ‘rightest’?

When we count on the rule of humans, we end up confused and misled. There is a single universal truth that must be true for all. It transcends the belief of humans and their man-made realities. Even mine. For the world to make sense there should be ONE truth.


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