A note on human nature

I believe that in every person lies a potential for good and an endless capacity for evil; most of the time the evil in us prevails. This is the nature of human beings. People always feel more inclined to do something wrong than the opposite. And even if they are being kind, one cannot know if the kindness comes from the bottom of their heart or they have some hidden agenda behind it. Mostly, the only time humans perform an act of kindness is when it benefits them. They have already weighed the alternatives, and made a logical conclusion that helping somebody now would be a better investment than being passive for the moment. Presently, I can think of a couple examples highlighting this:

1. the international community being passive on the 1994 Rwandan genocide just because they could find no advantage in stopping the conflict, the lobbyists, interest groups, and the government officials who give only think of themselves.

2. My sister who thinks giving in to my request now would earn her advantage for when she borrows my things later, and my friend who adds past favors done when another refuses to lend her money.

ethics-good-vs-evil-300x232I know these are isolated cases, especially my last example. But let’s face it, these are real and on-going in every part of the world. Just think about it, what do we first think of when somebody asks us for something really important? Something we could possibly benefit from? I admit I find my thoughts lingering on what I can do with this in the future, then I regret it and feel the guilt. The thing is, if we do not have the weapons and knowledge… the right defenses… it is all too easy to fall in the trap. The challenge human beings must face everyday is a continuous battle of good against the evil residing in them.


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